Welcome to the One and Only Official Carter Family Web Site!

This site is the ONLY site designed by the Carter Kids themselves.  Assistance is provided by Uncle Steve (thanks Uncle Steve!)--he technically administers this site (see below).  

What you read on here is the truth, no gossip--the information is directly from the Carter Family (sometimes via phone from overseas to the Spaulding family).  The site was the brainchild of Jane and Bob Carter (Mom and Dad) as a way to publicize Aaron's events.  It was such a hit, Nick was soon on board, wanting a place to communicate with his fans in an honest--and more organized--forum.  Leslie is now recording with Dreamworks, so her site was next.   Look for sites for BJ (who is in acting school) and Angel, who has a contract to work on commercials and other projects.  Updates work around tour schedules.  Also look for new Spectra talent web sites through our links!

Fan Club is only available for Aaron at this time.  It offers info, pictures, video clips, and recordings that are not available anywhere else.  The Aaron Carter Fan Club  covers  the cost of maintaining this high traffic web site.  

Technical management of this site is provided by Uncle Steve--Jane's little brother.   In "real" life Steve runs technology schools for the United States Air Force.  He has six children: John (20), Steve (15), Alex (12), Josh (11), Adam (5) and Arynn (4). 
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